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Library Program Mission

The mission of the library program is to support and provoke the intellectual, social, and personal development of all students by:

  • Providing physical and intellectual access to information in a comfortable, stimulating, and safe environment.

  • Promoting and fostering a lifelong love of reading and personal growth.

  • Providing instruction, learning strategies, and practice in using ideas to support students in becoming intellectual leaders with dignity and compassion.

  • Integrating the library program throughout each students’ education through collaboration and advocacy to support academic integrity.

The library provides access to information and enriches and supports the educational program of the school through a well-planned and maintained collection.  It is the duty of the school library to provide a wide range of materials on all levels of difficulty, in all appropriate languages, with diversity of appeal, and presentation of different points of view.

The PYP Library  was created to serve the reading and research needs of the Early Years and Primary Years Program. The books and materials support the objectives and lines of inquiry of the IB curriculum. Within the building of the PYP Library the students are provided:

  • A quiet place to read, study, research and think.

  • Access to current resources in a variety of formats that represent a wide range of subjects and levels of difficulty

  • A library staff that is welcoming and helpful to all members of the community

  • Assistance in use of all materials and equipment

  • Materials that support each student’s development as a reader with books for pleasure reading. ​

Library Program Mission Pix
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